The purpose of this page is to provide instruction to teachers on how to create Amazon Wish lists for the  Wish Lists page on this website.

The instructions are a clarification and simplification of this page on Amazon:

Please contact David Schmid for any issues with this page.

To create a List:

  1. Hover over Account and Lists at the top of any page and select Create a list from the drop-down. Create a List is under the Your Lists column 
  2. Click Create a list. Choose Wish List.  Name it under List Name. Click Public. Check Keep purchased items in your list if you want to show how many items have been purchase compared to what you requested.  Click Create List.
  3. Click Edit this list in the upper middle of the page.  Scroll down and choose a shipping address.   This will enable you to direct where the gift will go otherwise buyers will choose their own address or manually add Powe's address.  Feel free to change other settings if you wish.  I recommend unchecking "Keep purchased items on your list".  With this unchecked, Amazon will show the amount purchased next to the amount you have requested rather than just the amount you've requested.  After saving these choices, you have successfully created your list.
  4. Click the envelope next to Share located towards the top middle right of the page.  Copy the Link.  This is what you'll give to David Schmid to publish on the PTA Wish List page, and anyone else you'd like to give it to.
  5. I can't recommend using the I want section in the center of the page as I'm not sure how it works.
  6. To add items to the list, search Amazon for the items you're interested in.  When you land on one, look below the Add to Cart button and you'll see Add to List.  Choose the list you just selected from the drop down.  
  7. When you are finished adding items, send the link to David Schmid.
  8. Note: 
    • Gift givers will only see the name, city and state of the shipping address you select unless the List is marked as for an organization.
    • Amazon will only use your birthday for birthday reminders chosen by the customer and to generate information on the site.
    • You can update this information again anytime.
    • You can add items for sale by to your list, except out-of-print books, out-of-stock products, items that don't have release dates, and items with quantity restrictions.
    • You can add items available from sellers to your list. Potential purchasers will see See Buying Options instead of Add to Cart next to the item, since the same copy of the item may not be available later.